What to Expect

The signs on the street will point you in the right direction to the school parking lot. You’ll be greeted at the door with a smile, and the coffee and snacks will be out, because that’s what we do in these parts when we get together. Parents can sign in their children (ages birth – grade 5) at "The Treehouse" for age-appropriate lessons and activities.

We conduct the service in the Commons area and it usually lasts about an hour. There’s an opening song to gather together by, a welcome and an announcement or two to keep everyone informed of upcoming events, and a Bible teaching that ends in a challenge to help build your faith.

Dress is casual. Some come more dressed up, while others wear jeans and t-shirts.

We hope you'll join us! 

Keep scrolling down to "meet" some of us now...

Meet some of us...

  • Vickie

    "I always feel like I'm a new Christian but it's because there is always something new I'm learning. Branches really has allowed me to feel an authentic welcome when searching for a church family. It was a blessing to find real people honoring Christ. I love my church family."

  • Will

    Will is one of our volunteers in The Treehouse Kids' Ministry.

    "Jesus lives. I couldn't imagine my life without Jesus, and the peace and joy He's brought me."

  • Karlaya

    Karlaya sings on the worship team, helps with set-up and is a member of Branches' leadership team.

    "I'm an artist. I like to make 2-D art."

  • Billy

    Billy sings on the worship team, is a greeter, and helps with set-up each week.  Listen for his rumbly bass voice next time he sings!

    "I'm just a simple farm boy from Iowa."

  • Carrie

    You may see Carrie volunteering at the Treehouse Kids' Ministry check-in table. She also teaches in the Sprouts area (part of our childrens' ministry).

    "Religion has always been a part of my life, but only in the last few years have I realized what was missing was a relationship with God. My life, my connections with people at Branches and my community have so enriched and strengthened my relationship with God. I'm thankful every day for such awesome blessings."

  • JoAnn

    JoAnn serves on the hospitality team and gets all the goodies ready on Sunday mornings. Yum!

  • David and Dani

    David and Dani are both teachers in Menomonie, on Branches' leadership team, and leaders in BYG (Branches Youth Group).

    David: "I enjoy doing woodworking out of my garage, building furniture. My other hobbies are snowboarding and fishing. If you want to go fishing, I'm in!"

    Dani: "I love coffee! If anyone wants to go for coffee, I'm in! We also like working on projects together."

  • Clint and Maddie

    Clint and Maddie work with the Young Adults group, set-up on Sundays, and Maddie takes care of babies in Buds (nursery).

    "We like Branches because it puts God and people first. Clint enjoys the outdoors. Maddie enjoys the indoors. We work with kids. Indoors and outdoors."

  • Ken and Pat

    Ken and Pat serve on our leadership team and pastored several churches for over 30 years.

    "We enjoy helping out with hospitality (treats on Sundays). We also like cooking and baking together." 

  • Donell

    Hello to Donell!  She sings and plays the keyboard on the worship team.

    "Being a wife and mother of five is great, but being a grandma is an unspeakable joy!"

  • Richard and Jeri Ann

    Richard and Jeri Ann are members of our lead team and work with couples as marriage mentors.

    "We love life and we love marriage."

  • Wes

    Wes volunteers in The Treehouse Kids' Ministry and with set up and take down (and anywhere else help is needed).

  • Veronica and Emily

    Meet Veronica and Emily! This mom/daughter team help out with our babies in the Treehouse Children's Ministry.

    Veronica - "I love working with children, so Branches Buds (nursery) is a great fit."

    Emily - "I love being outside with my horses and making new friends."

  • Aaron

    Aaron plays drums on our worship team and he and his wife, Karlaya, are also on Branches lead team.

  • Ron

    Ron serves on our lead team and helps out with whatever is needed.

  • Alec and Adam

    Meet Alec and Adam. Both of these brothers volunteer on our tech crew.

  • Gloria

    Gloria is one of our lead team members and also serves in hospitality--everything she bakes is crazy good! She loves spending time with people, especially her husband Ron, her kids, and her grandkids.

  • Jared, Patrick & Lisa

    You'll see their smiling faces many Sunday mornings when they greet you at the church door! Patrick teaches high school chemistry/physics and Lisa works in home health care. They love camping. They are also Minnesota sports fans - Vikings, Twins, and the Wild.

  • Blair

    Say hello to Blair, who works as an appraiser, is married to Donell and has five children.

    "I enjoy how Pastor Mike makes coming to church worth it by sharing his heart."

  • Amber and Carrie

    Meet Amber and Carrie! You'll meet this mom and daughter some Sundays at the door when they volunteer as greeters.

    Carrie is a mom to five kids and a grandma! She loves reading and cats.

    Amber is also a cat lover who enjoys dancing, but not necessarily WITH her cats! She and her sister are homeschooled.

  • Eli

    Say hello to Eli! He's been doing a great job playing bass on the worship team.